Volunteer Opportunities

Done-In-A-Day ( DIAD)- Episodic volunteers provide a quick response or short-term project support to projects that can be accomplished in a one-time evening or weekend effort. Volunteers provide support in the form of in-kind donations (food, gifts,etc.) or volunteer hours.  These volunteer opportunities, unlike our ongoing programs, are intended to be "done in a day" (DIAD). Done-In-A-Day activities are great ways for volunteers to make a difference in the community with minimal time commitment. Examples include making meals, performing yard work or house cleaning, gift wrapping, special events, and much more!

  • Holiday Helpers – Help collect, sort, package and deliver toys to our children during the holiday season.
  • Meals for Munchkins – Prepare and/or deliver meals for a family.
  • Tools for Back to School – Assist in collecting and assembling school supplies from communities and asking for donations from stores to help Noah’s Children families
  • Homemade Holiday – Help prepare (or purchase) and deliver a Thanksgiving dinner to a Noah’s Children family
  • and More!

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Patient and Family Volunteers- Our volunteers have a huge impact on the lives of the families that we serve! They make visits in the home, spend much needed one on one time with siblings and patients, and develop relationships that last a lifetime. Opportunities include:

  • Mentorship – Spend time with siblings of a patient. Do art projects, help with homework, take them on outings and just be a friend.
  • Patient Visit – Give mom or dad a break while spending time with one of Noah’s children.

Office Volunteers- This placement is ideal for volunteers who can make a regular commitment and wishes to assist our staff at the office. Opportunities include:

  • Office work – Light office work such as filing, stuffing envelopes, mailings, et
  • Special Events – Help coordinate our family events, provide clerical support, solicit sponsors or pick up donations.


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