Directly Support Our Families

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Bon Secours pays for the operating and administrative expenses of Noah’s Children. All philanthropic donations go directly to patients and their families. In addition to the specific items on our wish list, your support can help us provide a number of services for our patients, including:

Holiday Party – $2,000
Sponsor a holiday party for patients and their families to come together during this festive season.

Service of Remembrance – $2,000
Yearly tribute to all of the Noah’s children who have died in our program.

Art Supplies for Clinical Use – $1,500/year
We use art to help children express themselves, their questions and their issues concerning death, faith, family and other issues as needed.

Bereavement Writing Workshop – $1,500
A workshop for parents (one for moms and one for dads) who have lost children. This program helps them learn how to cope with their grief.

Family Bereavement Camp– $1,000

A weekend retreat for families consisting of both structured and unstructured time where they can have fun together, as well as talk about and celebrate the child they lost.

Family Day – $1,500
A fun outdoor event for all patients and their families.  A chance for our families to connect with other families experiencing similar situations.

Music Therapy – $400/month per child
A trained professional music therapist works on very specific goals with children, and often their siblings, in the home, at school or even in the hospital.

Camp – $350 per child
Help send a patient or sibling to an overnight summer camp, local day camps, swim camps, sports camps, cooking camps, etc. Give a child the chance to just be a kid.

Child’s Birthday Party – $200
  Help make a child's birthday a memorable experience. Provide the special touches that may not happen without outside funding

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